EZCast - Latest and most powerful WiFi display adapter


For wireless sharing and streaming, there are different of adapters or dongles. They are DLNA adapters, Miracast adapters, xcast adapters.

First there was wireless DLNA HDMI adapter, which is the bridge between HDTV or project and DLNA enabled devices. The DLNA enabled devices can be smartphones or PC with APP or utility installed. A WiFi DLNA adapter can share and play wirelessly cross platforms but it cannot cast the screen of smart device to large TV screen.

Then there was Miracast WiFi display adapter, which is to cast the Android smart phone screen to HDTV or projector wirelessly. The problem for Miracast is that it is not cross platform. It doesn’t support Windows nor iOS but Android only. Even for the support of Android, it requires the smart device has Android 4.2 or above installed. The limitation is obvious.

Then there was Chromecast, a typical xcast adapter. It is an excellent cross platform HDMI adapter to cast media files to HDTV or projector. It is simple to use and the price is affordable. However this dongle does not support common existing protocols such as Miracast, Airplay and DLNA.


Everyone was asking: Why not develop a simple-to-use HDMI adapter that can cast everything and support all protocols at even lower price?

Then there comes Visonicom EZCast WiFi display adapter, the ultimate xcast adapter. EZCast works cross platforms, OS, devices of iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows, and support Miracast, Airpay and DLNA!