EZCast Dongle - Universal WiFi Display Adapter for Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA

Important Notice

Production of 1st generation EZCast dongles VMD-EZ151, VMD-EZ152, and VMD-EZ153 has been terminated since March of 2014, as there're too many copy dongles and dealers of different quality and pricing. We now offer only 2nd generation EZCast dongles VMD-EZ151i, VMD-EZ155, VMD-EZ156, and VMD-EZ154, EZCast dongle for Mobile Device VMD-EZ152M, VMD-EZ604M, and EZWire iPhone2TV screen mirroring HDMI cable for iOS, EZWire Phone2TV screen mirroring HDMI cable for iOS+Android.

For same reason , we never sell at Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, or the like, nor sell to the resellers on those platforms of multiple sellers of different levels. Our official online retail shops are www.fobshenzhen.com and www.miracastdongle.com only. Our customers are importers, OEM buyers, standalone online shops, and buyers from our EZCast dongle official online stores.

Every day we get many complaints and assistance requests due to the quality problem caused from the look-the-same dongles. We would like to support but are not always able to as we don't know what is inside the dongles. Victims suffered from the so-called xxCast dongles and similar ones bought from any other online stores would better turn to the sellers for assistance.

All our bulk order customers(importers, OEM brands, agents) are capable for the support to their customers.

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