What is EZCast?

EZCast is a serial of utilities, which enables the communications between the EZCast Receiver (EZCast WiFi Display Adapter, which is connected with a HDTV or project) and EZCast Sender (iPad/iPhones, Android phones/tablet PCs, desktop PC/notebook PCs, etc).

The EZCast Receiver part is preinstalled with the EZCast WiFi display dongle. Besides EZCast, it supports Miracast, Airplay and DLNA protocols.

The EZCast sender part includes 3 versions, for iOS, for Android and for Windows respectively. When the EZCast WiFi display dongle boots up, the HDTV/Project screen will show the download links. Users can download EZCast APP/program by inputting the URL link or simply scan the QR code. It is very simple.

What's EZCast