Important Notice for Service

As the manufacturer of EZCast dongles, we're grateful for your interest in our EZCast universal WiFi display adapters.

From November 2013, we got continuous feedback from the end users, complaining the problem of EZCast dongles, especially VMD-EZ152, which is known as M2. The problem claimed focuses on WiFi failure, connection failure and iOS support problem. After investigation we found out what the customs complained was not our genuine dongle but some copy dongles. Also due to the copies and too many dealers, the market was in a mess already. We cannot stop the copiers' behavior but we can stop ourselves to produce it anymore in March 2014.

Like most product you can always get copies from China, and it is wrong in chasing low price. To do so please take the risk of product failure or unexpected. We are responsible for our distributors/agents/resellers/OEM buyers and their customers but we cannot 100% satisfy the victims of copy dongles as we don't know what components are inside them.

Learnt from VMD-EZ152, we've taken steps and try to make the market in order for the new EZCast dongles. Dealers and users' benefit are getting guaranteed.