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EZCast Video

Visonicom EZCast WiFi display dongle is able to cast everything including video screen to HDTV or projector. So users can now enjoy more exciting videos and films more lively and vivid on large screen. It is now not to stare the small screen and watch the videos lonely. It is time for better experience and sharing with friends and family. No heading-down for hours, no sore neck, no misty eyes, but large screen video enjoy and sharing… It is simple. See also:EZCast for Fun - PictureEZCast for Fun - GamingEZCast for Business

EZCast Photo

Visonicom EZCast WiFi display dongle is able to cast everything including pictures from your smart phones and tablet PC or windows PC’s to HDTV or projector. So users can now enjoy more exciting videos and pictures more lively and vivid on large screen. It is now not to stare the small screen and watch the photos and pictures lonely or crowed together. It is time for better experience and sharing photos and pictures with friends and family. No heading-down for hours, no sore neck, no misty eyes, no squeezing, but large screen video enjoy and sharing with friends and family……

EZCast Game

Visonicom EZCast wireless display dongle is able to cast everything including game screen to HDTV or projector. So the game lovers can now enjoy more exciting game scenes more lively and vivid on large screen. The gaming experience has never been so pleased and comfortable. No heading-down for hours, no sore neck, no misty eyes, but large screen gaming… It is simple. See also: EZCast for Fun - Video CastEZCast for Fun - Picture CastEZCast for Business

EZCast Business

Visonicom EZCast WiFI display dongle is able to cast PDF, DOC, PPT, Excel, MAC OS Page, MAC OS numbers, and MAC OS Keynotes files from your smart device to projector or HDTV. It also supports the casting of videos, music, pictures. It is common nowadays for companies have meetings. It is common that all the participants take a notebook to the meeting room. It is common to connect the projector with the notebooks one by one with a HDMI cable at the meeting… In classrooms for lessons… In hall for lectures… Product and business presentation… Things are changing. It is…

EZCast Manual for Windows Users

Visonicom EZCast WiFi display adapters support Windows (Windows desktop PC and laptop PC), Android (Android smart phone and tablet PC), iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Mac OS (Mac PC). So there are 4 versions of user’s manuals: EZCast manual for Windows, EZCast manual for Android, EZCast manual for iOS, and EZCast manual for Mac OS. There are slight differences in operation for users running different operation systems/devices.

This is the Windows version for Microsoft Windows desktop PC and laptop PC users.windows

The manual will be updated without prior notice.

For general purpose, the Quick Installation Guide is enough for all users.

Visonicom EZCast WiFi display dongle series are the first universal cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS) WiFi display HDMI adapters that support Airplay, WiFi direct Miracast, and DLNA all-in-one simultaneously, with EZCast WiFi display adapters users can easily cast the videos, photos, games and files from iPAD/iPhone, Android phones/tablet PCs, PC/Notebook, to HDTV or projector through HDMI port wirelessly(Run EZCast for all users, or EZAir for iPAD/iPhone users, or Miracast for Android phone/Android pad users), or push all the video, photo, and files to from the above mentioned devices to HDTV or projector (DLNA).

Manual Index:
1. Basic Features
2. Physical Connection
3. Operation Tutorial
3.1 EZCast Utility Installation
3.2 Get Connected
3.3 Run EZCast
3.4 DLNA
3.5 Miracast
4. Settings
4.1 Resolution
4.2 Password
4.3 Internet Access
4.4 Language Setting
4.5 System Upgrade

1. Basic Features
Multi OS support: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS
Multimode support: Miracast, DLNA, Airplay
Highly integrated Actions SoC (600MHz/1GHz)
Simple to operate
Most compact size and lower consumption under 2w
Fast connection & low latency for superior user experience
H.264 1080P full HD video decode
LPCM Audio Decode
HDMI v1.3 video output
HDCP 2.x
Auto channel selection with high quality video stream
Build in WiFi support IEEE 801.11 b/g/n up to 150Mbps data transfer rate with WiFi Direct capability
Flexible power using TV standard USB port (5V/400mA) or external USB power supply

2. Physical Connection

Simply connect the HDMI port of the EZCast universal WiFi Display Adapter VMD-EZ151 (hereafter refers to EZCast adapter, EZCast WiFi Display Dongle, the adapter or the dongle) with HDTV, use a HDMI cable in case of necessary.

Connect the micro USB power port of EZCast adapter with a USB charger or USB port of TV for power supply. The adapter starts to boot up.

Turn on TV and select current HDMI port. The TV screen will display the booting up status of EZCast dongle.

3. Operation Tutorial

3.1 EZCast Utility Installation
The HDTV screen shows the boot up information. It is the universal display for all OS.

EZCast boot up UI

From the Screen we can find the EZCast WLAN Info: SSID, Password, and IP address. For instance, the parameters are SSID (EZBOX04), Password (253014), IP address ( for the EZCast WiFi display dongle used for the manual.

Run your browser of your PC; download the EZCast utility from our website as prompt on the TV screen. Execute it while the download is done. Now follow the installation procedure on your PC.

Install EZCast in Windows

File copying

ezcast installation

Allow EZCast to communicate on networks

ezcast to install in windows

Click [Next] to allow system reboot.

ezcast installation in windows

Installation finished. Windows system to reboot.

ezcast installation finish

After reboot, there is an EZCast icon on the Windows desktop

ezcast desktop


3.2 Get Connected

Double Click the EZCast icon on desktop to run EZCast utility, EZCast will automatically detect EZCast WiFi display dongle and guide you to set up a connection with it.

connect to ezcast

The SSID of your EZCast dongle will be EZCast-xxxxxxxx as shown on TV. The password is also as shown as on your TV screen.

3.3 Run EZCast

Click [ON] to cast your Windows PC screen to HDTV or projector now. The EZCast Utility offers several mode options: Mirror, Extension, Graphic, Video, Compatible

ezcast photo picture cast


Mirror mode is to Windows screen to HDTV or projector.

Extension mode is to have the HDTV as an extension display aside Windows PC monitor.

Graphic mode is to static files such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word files, pictures or web pages, etc.

Video mode is to stream dynamic contents such as local and internet video streaming for better frame effect.

Compatible mode is to accelerate video performance for Windows 7+

Audio On/Off is to switch on/off the audio streaming.

It is simple to operate.


This is the end of the tutorial of EZCast application on Windows PC.

Besides EZCast, the WiFi display dongle also supports DLNA, Miracast and Airplay (for iPhone/iPad users only).


3.4 DLNA

This is to enable the DMR (Digital Media Reader) function of EZCast WiFi display dongle. When enabled, run DMC (Digital Media Controller) applications or online streamer with DLNA support to stream media files from DMS (Digital Media Server, it can be your Windows PC or online sever that offers online video streaming with DLNA support), so that to play VOD (Video on Demand) the files saved in your computer or online. Click [?] to check the APP list for DLNA enabled DMC.

ezcast dlna in windows

3.5 Miracast

Click [EZMirror] to enable Miracast

ezcast ezmirror-miracast support

EZCast WiFi display dongle will connect your computer automatically if it is recognized. Otherwise it will try to have Miracast connected in 60 seconds. If still failed, EZCast will shift back to normal WiFi connection- AP mode with SSID and password. Then use EZCast utility as stated above to cast your screen to HDTV or projector.

Click [?] for Miracast enabled device.

4. Settings
To use virtual wireless remote controller to change the move direction, the center button [OK] is to confirm. Click [Back] to back to previous screen.

ezcast settings

4.1 Resolution
Click [Resolution] to set up the output resolution of EZCast dongle. Supported resolutions: 1920*1080 24P, 1280*720 60P. Modification will be effective after reboot.

ezcast resolution setting

4.2 Password
Click [Password] to set the password of EZCast WiFi display adapter

4.3 Internet Access
Click [Internet] to connect to wireless hotspot for internet access. EZCast can also work as a bridge between your wireless hotspot and your smart device for internet access.

ezcast wifi setting

4.4 Language Setting
Click [Language] to set the language from the list. It is multilingual support.

ezcast language setting

4.5 System Upgrade
Click [Upgrade] to upgrade EZCast firmware and APP OTA (On the Air) online. EZCast WiFi display adapter will check and compare the firmware version and upgrade automatically when a newer version is available. Make sure the internet access is ready and don’t power off when upgrading.

ezcast firmware updating

This is the end of the Instruction Manual for Windows users of Visonicom EZCast Universal WiFi Display Adapter

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