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EZCast Dongle - Universal WiFi Display Adapter for Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA

Visonicom in Aug 2013 released the globally first EZCast WiFi display HDMI dongle VMD-EZ151, then VMD-EZ152, VMD-EZ153, VMD-EZ151i, VMD-EZ154, VMD-EZ155…After the success of DLNA adapter and Miracast dongles in 2012.

All EZCast universal WiFi display adapters support Miracast, Airplay and DLNA at the same time. With these marvelous WiFi HDMI adapter users can easily transfer 1080P video, photo, game and files from iPAD/iPhone, Android phones/tablet PCs, desktop PC/laptops, to HDTV or projector through HDMI port wirelessly.

All the EZCast dongles support multiple WiFi display protocols such as Miracast, DLNA and Airplay;

All the EZCast adapters support multiple devices such as iPhone/iPad, Android smart phones/tablet PCs, Windows PC, and Mac PC;

All the EZCast WiFi display dongles support multiple OS: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS

All the EZCast WiFi display adapters are simple to operate, with most compact size and lower consumption under 2w


See more product info of each EZCast universal WiFi display dongles, EZCast dongle for mobile device, and EZCast wire mirroring cables:

iphone2tv iPhone to TV HDMI mirroring cable Phone2TV Android+iOS HDMI Mirroring Cable
iPhone2TV EZWire Mirroring Cable for iOS Phone2TV EZWire Mirroring Cable for iOS+Android
EZCast Dongle for Mobile VMD-EZ604M EZCast dongle for Mobile VMD-EZ152M
11AC 600Mbps EZCast Dongle for Mobile VMD-EZ604M EZCast Dongle for Mobile Device VMD-EZ152M
ezcast wifi dongle vmd-ez151i wifi-ezcast vmd-ez154
EZCast WiFi Display Dongle VMD-EZ151i EZCast WiFi Display Adapter VMD-EZ154
ezcast-dongle vmd-ez151 EZCast chromecast dongle
Universal WiFi Display Adapter EZCast VMD-EZ151 EZCast Dongle WiFi Display Adapter VMD-EZ152
EZCast dongle vmd-ez153  EZCast Adapter VMD-EZ155
EZCast Adapter- WiFi Display dongle VMD-EZ153 EZCast WiFi Dongle-Wireless Display VMD-EZ155

For product difference and recommendation please refer to the EZCast comparison table.

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